Ismail Hozain

"Moves fast and breaks things"


I like building things as fast as possible and with as many iterations as possible. I literally have a need for speed when it comes to engineering. Here's the rocket engine I built:

(Rocket engine) 1.5klbf, ablative, kerosene/LOx, pyro ignited. T/W: 30


Alhambra Wall Art

Running sales and outreach at the moment for AWA. Responsible for all online content, websites, and stores. More details at

Starforge FounDry.

A company building a series of makerspaces, the first of which is SpaceZero, a storage unit experimental hardware makerspace near Texas A&M, as a rejection of the restrictions on the university machine shop. More information here:


Scratch built 5klbf mobile rocket engine test stand. Huge milestone, 10x as complex as the engine, one of <20 in the world like it and likely the cheapest of the bunch. Built in a storage unit by 6 students, whom I led. Status: COMPLETE! Testing of Sparky and Fireball begin in November 2022


Scratch built 1.5klbf liquid fueled rocket engine running on kerosene/LOx, weighing about 60lbs. Status: Complete and testing begins November 2022


Scratch built 1.5klbf liquid fueled rocket DESTINED to reach 50,000 feet (~9.5 miles in the air). Status 75% complete, in progress, integration begins after successful Sparky static fire.