About me

I'm 19 and a builder of moving things. Outside of rocketry, I enjoy longboarding down hills very fast, playing soccer, driving, working on cars and just building things.  I got into engineering as a kid and honestly never looked back. There was once a time where I was sure I was going to be a programmer, but the lack of physical hardware in that field really stiffed me. No regrets though, now programming is another tool in my (expanding) toolbox. Honestly it made me really good at Google searching. I am very much a person who learns by building things. Every time I want to enter a new field, I ask what is a good entry project and then just attempt to build said thing. I try to embody exponential growth in my technical disciplines.

I grew up in a few different places but mostly in Texas, in Lubbock for a while and McKinney after a short excursion to Georgia. Education wise, I'm a freshman at Texas A&M University studying interdisciplinary engineering, if that matters.  Future goals: Work on cool things.