Right before the world crashed and burned from this pandemic, a couple of friends invited me to join a spaceshot rocket project in February of 2020. That following summer we decided to build a liquid fueled rocket to reach 50k feet as a more reasonable goal. At the time we had one year to get this project done and by the time the 2020-21 school year was over we had a bunch of parts nearly done, though not enough. Over the following summer and school year I continued the team project on my own after my friends graduated and moved on. I enjoy the work and thank everyone who has helped along the way in any form or capacity. This was not a solo endeavor, far from it, we had a lot of help and support from many different individuals and businesses. Thanks to everyone involved!

Fun fact: our workshop is a 150 sq ft storage unit.

As for the purpose of this website it is twofold: One, serve as an archive for my work on this project, serve as my personal website which I can easily share.

Technical Details

  • Kerosene/LOx

  • 1500lbf

  • Chamber pressure: 200psi

  • ISP: ~230

  • O/F: 2.1

  • Expansion Ratio: 2.89

  • 15 second burn time

  • ~100lbs of propellant

  • Unregulated Blowdown

  • Ablative + film cooling

  • SilPhen throat, Canvas Phenolic Liner

  • DMLS printed fuel manifold

  • All else is CNC machined